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Scribbler is a UK based greeting cards company, known for its edgy humour and rude take on traditional greeting cards. Founded by husband and wife John and Jennie Procter in 1981, Scribbler now has 28 stores across the UK and planes to open many more in the next few years. More recently, Scribbler launched a personalised card website in December 2011. Scribbler is primarily known for its greeting cards, with their edgy design and comical humour. Scribbler continues to stand out from other greeting cards retailers. Over the years, Scribbler has acquired a solid amount of quirky merchandise that is sold within the stores. The gift wrap is carefully selected to fit in with the brands edgy humour and classic design. More recently, Scribbler has begun designing their own wrap, notebooks and importantly cards, by their small design team in-house.  We are known and loved by our customers for our obsessive focus on great design and edgy humour. Take a look around the website or pop into one of our stores and you’ll see why.

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